Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork

I’m assuming most people reading have seen Monsters Inc., right? We can all call up in our minds the scene where Roz is chiding Mike for not filing his paperwork.

I’m stuck in this scene right now.

I am fortunate enough to be meeting with a new doctor at Cleveland Clinic in the next few days, something I know will be very helpful in finding the best way to tackle my conditions and give myself the best possible chances.

Unfortunately, there’s been something of an issue in getting my medical records to Cleveland Clinic. It isn’t anyone’s fault. Just one of those moments in life where something seems to go wrong, a hiccup in the system happens and it doesn’t work quite how it’s supposed to.

The problem being that it has happened about four times now. Refer to the “About” page where I tell you that Murphy has it out for me. This kind of thing happens a lot and, while not life-alteringly terrible, it is obnoxious and repetitive. Combine this with the memory issues that come with every single one of my conditions and you end up in a funny little snow globe of “did I make this call? Who did I talk to? Have I talked to anyone? Who am I? Who are you?”.

In short, be nice to the office staff in hospitals and doctor’s offices, people. They get a lot of calls from me while I try to find my brain. And my medical records.


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