Ducks and the Simple Things

Today was one of those days that likes to remind us that, when it comes to Michigan, Mother Nature likes to be a little drunk when she makes any decisions regarding our weather patterns. Today’s version of “hold my beer” Michigan involved temps in the 50’s and 60’s. This meant that I could actually go outside and walk around! It was the first chance I’ve gotten at Castle Ampersand to explore our new home and it was definitely a good experience. I managed to get some good pictures of the stroll and found out we have a lot of one of my favorite things: ducks!

“Three little ducks from school are we”
They found friends!

In addition, I found what is going to be an absolutely gorgeous place to sit during the summer!

If it starts talking to me, though, I’m out.

I can already see us sitting under this tree, feeding ducks and having picnics.

It doesn’t seem like a lot, probably, but it was. This one nice day, this little opportunity to explore a new home and discover things and places that made me smile was another foothold added in my climb out of the anxiety and depression I’ve been feeling since our sudden move from our first home together. I felt just a little less sick, tired, and down, and a little more like myself.

I missed me a little bit and now I’m looking forward to a summer spent exploring even more of what our new home has to offer.

And ducks. I’m really, really looking forward to more ducks.


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