Presenting: The Social Posts! Part 2

Okay. Are you ready? Uh-huh. *sleepily force cuddling our cat, Lacey, and telling her she has stinky kitty breath. Pam tells her that’s rude to say. Nikki tells Pam to sniff the cat. Pam adamantly says no while Lacey cries “no”*

What about you do you think the readers should know: nothing. (Pam: gotta make it all mysterious?) Yeah, queen of mystery.

Why don’t you want the readers to know anything about you? *she mumbles into her hands* I was gonna say they aren’t important to me, but I probably shouldn’t be mean to people I don’t even know. (Pam: you’re ALWAYS mean to people you don’t know! Nikki: only to their faces!).

What should the readers know about me? You have a really good butt. What picture of me are you going to use? Is it gonna be cute? Because me right now is not cute. It’s about integrity.

I’m concerned you aren’t taking this seriously. Pam’s the one laughing hysterically and breaking her stuff! I’m like…half asleep, what more do you want from me?

Maybe you should go to bed if you’re so tired. No, we’re good.

Fine, fine. One last question: What’s up?

What does your role in my support network look like? *she and Pam burst into uproarious laughter because they both think of this scene in the Incredibles movie.*

At least she’s hot, right?




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