Cleveland Clinic: Twas the night before travel…

Today seemed determined to stress me the hell out. Our plan to get a free oil change ended up not being free, fees for parking we weren’t anticipating suddenly appeared and ate away at our budget, and the realization that not having a credit card was going to be an issue when it came time to check into the hotel left us running around madly. Long story short, if it was inconvenient, it was happening. We were not amused.

And yet, we spent a good amount of the day laughing. A few moments of seriousness, of stress. Of holding hands and reassuring one another that we had this under control and that we’d be fine, then more laughing. That’s what makes Nikki so great. She’s hard to ruffle.

We’re nearly done with laundry, at which point we can go home and start packing. Morning is probably going to come much faster than I’d like it to, but it also can’t come soon enough. Plenty of people are sending love and well wishes, most requesting updates that I hope we’ll remember to give and know they’ll forgive us if we don’t. They’ll understand if we’re overwhelmed by what we learn and need a moment, whether that feeling of being overwhelmed is good, bad, or just plain a lot of nothing.

We’ll hit the road as the sun rises and I’ll update again in the morning (hopefully). Until then, good night!


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