Mysterious Injuries

Life with EDS means getting used to waking up and doing something resembling a status report of my body before I move. In fact, I’m fairly sure if you were to watch me sleep (please don’t, that’s creepy, and Nikki and Pam already have enough pictures of me sleeping, but that’s for another post), you wouldn’t be able to tell the moment I actually wake up because, for at least five or ten minutes, I am laying exactly in the position I woke up in. In those few minutes, I am slowly taking in awareness of my body to see what has changed overnight.

This morning, my hip and knee were out of place and throbbing. These give me a lot of trouble, since I am a side sleeper and get tired of using body pillows, Kit, or my wife to support myself better. My shoulders are sore from the way I tuck them up, but don’t feel dislocated. My fingers, wrists, ankles, and toes are stiff, which will ease up as I move them. This is also when I can start figuring out what kind of pain I’ll be managing that day.

Kit, the Dopey Valentine’s Fox

Having completed the morning status report, it’s then time to test how my dysautonomic conditions are going to behave for the day. I’ll start moving my feet and legs, trying to coax blood flow to pick up so that, when I sit up, I won’t get as dizzy. Then sitting up and standing, which even going slowly tends to come with a wave of dizziness and lightheadedness. Head into the bathroom and check for new bruises. EDS means I bruise if someone so much as looks at me, so I’m very used to looking like I fell down the stairs.

It was in this step of the process this morning that I noticed I had a black eye and a busted open lip.

I tried to get a picture, but no lighting in the apartment shows either injury well enough to accomplish anything but making me look like I’m trying to be a pirate, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one. I brought this up to Nikki, to make sure that I wasn’t delusional and she immediately poked at it and asked if it hurt, to which I said yes, so stop touching it. Her theory was that her puppy, Zeep did it.

He even looks guilty.



2 thoughts on “Mysterious Injuries

  1. That’s so funny that you talk about your morning routine like that. My morning ritual has been the same for years. I have to pop every joint and stretch everything back into place. I had no idea I had EDS so I thought I just had “old man” joints.
    I wish there was something we could do or take that would make the process easier!


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