Cleveland Clinic: On the Open Road

We left a little before the sun was up and, while its a beautiful day, poor Nikki is wishing it were a little dimmer. Heading southeast in the morning in February is, well, bright. 

Don’t selfie and drive, kids!

Nikki has just suggested we go to Canada instead of Ohio. My heart says yes, but I imagine my doctors would be less than pleased with the decision to vacation abroad. 

The radio has, by this time, has played no less than three zzzquil ads and we have decided it is purposely taunting us. We have both been complimented, I suppose. Nikki was told by the batista at the coffee shop that her hair looked great. A guy at the gas station asked if I was single. We all know who the winner is here.

Pam is. Because that bitch is still in bed with the cats.


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