Self Care

Today’s post was hard to sit down and write not because I wasn’t inspired or didn’t feel like writing, but because I was able to get lost in the new Legend of Zelda game. I won’t post spoilers here, but to say it is spellbinding is an understatement.

And it’s a little bit of exactly what I needed. I have plenty of video games, but a new world to explore as thoroughly as this game allows you to was a blessing. Before I knew it, hours had passed without my knowledge.

That’s a beautiful thing, when taking care of yourself is something that you can enjoy again. I know for me, at least, my depression can take something I love and make impossible to do or, worse, unpleasant. To have something that was new and thrilling was something stronger than my depression or my fatigue. Instead of caving in and going back to bed, I stayed up to discover what I could about this new world.

I’m also blessed to have friends that understand its more than a video game. That my ability to climb a tree in this video game is something I can’t do in real life. It coaxes me into joy and excitement that I let slip away from me. This is especially true in the winter, when I can’t go outside and explore until my body tells me it can’t move another step further. We couldn’t afford this game, but a friend didn’t hesitate to get it for me because he knew just how much it would help me feel better.

And that’s been the theme of the last month for me and my household. Our friends and family have rallied around us and helped in every imaginable way and still ask each day “what do you need?”. “What can we do for you?”.

What an incredible feeling, to know so many love me when I can barely love myself some days. It makes my Lenten decision to give up self-blame more worthwhile. I want to see myself as those that love me see me. Everyone should try to see themselves through the eyes of their loved ones. It can humble us in our darkest moments, but it can bring so much light to our darkest days as well.


One thought on “Self Care

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m glad I’m not the only one that is enchanted by the new Zelda game 🙂 It’s such a blessings on the days that I feel too sick to do anything else


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