Normal People Problems

I am sick.

Most of you just scoffed right there and thought “it’s a blog about living while being sick, you idiot”. You’re right. So let me rephrase a little.

I am normal person sick. The common cold or seasonal allergies or some normal person plague has found me, leaving me a stuffy, coughing, slightly fevered (which is strange for my stupid immune system), whiny baby person. I don’t like normal people sick. It makes everything else a little harder to manage.

I wake up each day with a certain amount of pain. Some days it’s only a 4 or a 5 on the 1-10 “how much do you hate your body” scale. I can go about my day pretty freely on those days. Some days, it’s a 7 or 8 and I’m moving slower or not at all because just managing the pain takes all my spoons away. Normal person sick irritates me because it means some of my spoons are already gone when I wake up. It makes a day where I could usually get up and go a little harder because I’m having to give up spoons to the exhaustion of just being sick.

Pam had surgery today, so she automatically wins “I get to be the whiny baby person” award, which comes with doting and extra love, but between helping her out, I’ll be on the couch, playing Breath of the Wild and being irritated with everything.

In other, more fun news, the blog will be featuring our very first Cat Chat post soon! Pictures were taken last night of our fur babies, so stay tuned in if you want to see the cutest Social Post in the world!



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