Good Intentions, Bad Decisions

So remember how I elected to give up caffeine and fast food for Lent?

Yeah, it turns out that’s not such a good thing.

See, caffeine and fast food have been “okayed” by my doctors because the sodium, fat, and sugar content of a lot of fast food pushes my blood pressure up to a level they’d like to see it stay at (which is a little above what they want for normal people), and the caffeine they suspect helps keep my heart rate up and steady.

So giving up both things cold turkey was not a choice that was generally approved of by anyone. And it was a choice I had to forsake. I picked up Pepsi again and am slowly starting to feel better after the hard crash and heavily symptomatic days I experienced in between. I managed about 8 days, which is longer than any attempt I had made previously to give up caffeine.

I’m proud of myself because I know I would have made it if it weren’t for medical advice against it. I’m still sticking to my original Lent sacrifice of hating myself. It isn’t something I plan to pick back up once the Lenten season is over. I’m adding things into my life while simplifying and and balancing out aspects of my life I feel need reflection and attention. Nikki has been doing this with me on and off.

I know I’m rambling today. I’m not focused and can’t seem to pull myself in to a better state of mind. Hopefully this week will have some better reading for you.



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