Fear and Acceptance

I have a lot of fear these days. My health, of course, frightens me on many levels because of its hold on my future.

I fear the future of my country and what it will mean for millions of people.

I fear for the future I will not live to see.

The common theme, I notice, is the future, not just fear. It made me stop and think “what is it that I’m really afraid of?”.

Time. I’m afraid of time. Running out of it, living through it, not living through it.

This is a pretty bad thing to fear, since there is nothing that will happen to make time stop. Time has, is, and will always be ever moving forward. Which is the answer to unlearning this fear, I think. Accepting that, no matter what, time passes. Hard times pass, good times pass. Things that scare us will come and go, just like things we wish would stay forever.

There’s no sense in fearing something so infinite, but there’s a lot of sense in learning to accept that infinite nature and accept fear as an emotion worthy of experience. If you don’t experience fear, you also never experience courage or bravery. You can’t have the good of something if you don’t have the bad of something too.

So I’m challenging myself and all of my readers: face a fear today. It can be anything. As small as a spider or as big as reaching out to someone. Face a fear and find courage on the other side. Show yourself that you are brave and powerful.


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