Tears to Shed, Plans to Make

Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away yesterday. She was a children’s author and also wrote a couple of memoirs that I’ll admit I haven’t read, but had heard about previous to her death.

Today, I read that she passed just before writing what would be her final published piece in the New York Times, You May Want to Marry My Husband, which ripped my heart out.

She died at 51 at the hands of ovarian cancer. She said, in the article above, “no wonder the word cancer and cancel look so similar.”; A stinging accuracy for what occurred to a beautiful person and millions like her who pass at the hands of terminal illnesses.

My heart aches for her family and all those who knew her work. I ache for the lack of her and what it will feel like.

And, selfishly, I ache for myself. I ache because, even though it isn’t cancer, I’ve felt some of the things she describes.

She had 51 years on this earth and it wasn’t enough. I don’t know how many I’ll have, but I hope its a lot. I hope I’ll be ready when the time comes. I doubt I will be, just I doubt any person who has been told they have limited time will be, but hope is important to have.

I’m at a loss, because there is nothing to say that hasn’t been said by writers more wise than I am. That’s one of the challenging parts of writing; knowing that, at the end of the day, we’re all just reorganizing the same twenty-six characters into the same countless words, just in a different order than other people.

There’s still such value, though, because the words we make have meaning and the order we ourselves decide to put them in gives them meaning. There are things I will say that no other being has said. Everyone has that ability, that blessing to impart on the world.

It isn’t easy to know that my time is limited, but living isn’t easy anyways. Perhaps its more important to focus on the fact that I have time. Period. I have time and you have time and regardless of how much or how little, we should use that time to the fullest of our abilities.

I love you all, Lemons and Spoonies. Go live and love today. Don’t take an instant for granted.


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