Hitting Delete

Writers know the mighty temptation of the backspace. Every word we write can easily be erased and sometimes that’s a terrible thing to know. Especially when you feel like you aren’t writing anything meaningful.

I’m ready to move on to something that was in my heart and on my mind when I first started the blog, but now, I’m not so sure the blog is the place for it. I’ve thought and prayed on it and something inside me is pulling at me and saying “go for the book”. It’s daunting and scary, because writing a book is so much harder than writing a few blog posts. The blog is informal. I’m talking to you and there isn’t any pressure to perform a certain way or have a consistent tone. You get random entries of random topics and that’s what you know you’re signing on for when you check in to read each day.

I’ve wanted to talk about support and what that looks like both from the perspective of a spoonie or lemon and from the perspective of someone who loves a spoonie or lemon. What does support look like? What does it mean to support someone in different situations? Is there really a way to support someone the wrong way?

The more I reflect on this, the more I seem to have to say about each topic and it occurs to me that the natural thing to do would be to put it in a book, which each topic having its own chapter. That would prevent overly long blog posts. If the book does well, then the blog wins by gaining traffic, but I’m not sacrificing the open space I have here by bogging it down with the same theme over and over again. If it doesn’t work out, then I can break it down and try it on here. At least it gets written, right? No backspacing for this writer.

So that being said, what do you want more of, readers? Do you love the Social Posts? More Cat Chats? Funny stories of times I was stupid? I have a ton in that last category. Let me know in the comments here or on the facebook page. While you’re at it, you can weigh in, if you feel so inclined, on the topic of a book versus the blog as the medium for the support series.

Times backspaced while writing this post: 127. Just in case you were curious.



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