St. Patrick’s Day draws interesting reactions each year from our household. My part Irish wife has a Guinness Stout Beef Stew in the crock pot and happily wishes everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day. Pam enjoys the drinking and celebrations associated with the holiday, but never misses the opportunity to remind people about consent and the whole “pinching people who aren’t wearing green” thing.

I just like that today is also St. Gertrude’s day. She was the patron saint of cats and I really like cats.

It’s a good example of how holidays and celebrations are treated in our household throughout the year. We all have differing opinions on each holiday and how we celebrate is different, but we come together and celebrate nonetheless.

Just last night, Pam and I had a discussion about people being of two very different minds managing to come together and, in the back of my mind, I thought about our little family here in the Ampersand household. We have different opinions on a lot of things, we agree on far more. When we do disagree, we find ways to reach a middle ground together, whether that means some form of compromise or just not getting on the subject unless its necessary.

It takes a certain mixture of things to make relationships work. Equal parts love and respect, an a dash of willingness to forgive and forget when things go south. I’m happy to have the two people I have with me in my life going through each day, just like I am happy for every loved one I have in my life. People are worth celebrating for any reason.

I think that’s why I like celebrations so much. Every day should have one, don’t you think?


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