I don’t mind a good think. I have never been the type to shy away from a brainstorming session and I frustrate my loved ones endlessly when I think so deeply, everything else fades away and they have to wrench my attention outward. 

What I do mind, however, is when my thinking suddenly needs to happen all. Night. Long. 

I have medications for this. Medications that I took only an hour after my alarm to take said medications is set to go off. Despite three separate pills all generally intended to tell my brain to kindly shush, tonight’s thinking was not going to be silenced. 

Today is set up to be a busy day. We have plans to binge clean our apartment, plans to tackle our individual to do lists, which will probably have to happen out of the apartment, since we have very limited Internet access until we can get our bill paid. We’re expecting company at the end of the day to help Pam with a few things and to help us get a better budget up and running. 

All good things to have ahead of me, but how great I’ll feel about all this with pain plus no sleep is still to be determined, but we’ll see how this goes? 

How do you stay awake when duty calls?


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