The Ampersands and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Everybody has “one of those days”. It quickly becomes apparent, after a few less than lucky moments, that the day stretching out ahead of you has a few potholes (literally, since we live in Michigan) that you can’t really miss.

Today is that day for the Ampersand household. Low on gas and only a few bucks to throw in the tank, a leaky tire, a scuff on the back end of the car, running late, stuff not cooperating, dropping things, joint pain, things that cost money to fix piling up on us when we have no money to fix them with.

It’s the kind of day everyone wishes they could just skip through, but nobody can avoid them.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Crazy, right? If somebody handed me a button that could make it so that I never had a bad day again, I’d laugh at them. Even if it were possible, we need these bad days. If you don’t have bad days, you don’t recognize a good day when it happens. Because for every bad day, there’s a really good day.

The days where everything is in rhythm to the beat you’re throwing down. No worries, you’re hitting your mark with every step, good moods all around you. Maybe you even get some good luck and some good things fall in your direction and you catch them with ease.

You wouldn’t appreciate those days if you didn’t also have the days so bad, they were almost funny.

Today has looked like something out of a romantic comedy, with the terrible day montage set to Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation”.

Or maybe “What a Wonderful World”, for extra comedic value.

I’ll take the bad day, the silly soundtrack and all. It just means I’ve got a good day coming up. Or better yet, I’ve got a bad day that I can turn into a good day.

A challenge awaits me today. I’m going to make sure this bad day has a good me.


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