I did a bad thing and missed another day. This occurred to me at 11:45 last night because yesterday, while uneventful, was a very good day. 

I practiced one of my biggest challenges in self care by going to lunch with a very good friend and mentor from church. The night before had dropped some sudden stress I didn’t need and, in typical fashion for my anxiety, my first instinct was to withdraw. I was proud to not give in and went to lunch. As expected, I came home feeling leagues better than when I left.

I found out on the way, however, that a very sweet moment of behind the scenes support happened before I was even awake.

I had offered the lunch to Pam as well, since she also had some anxiety and loves this friend of ours to death. It turns out that my Mom, who was the first to receive my anxious and overwrought phone call when things went south, was so concerned about my missing this chance to work out some stress, called Pam to ask her to help me get there. 

I was moved when Pam shared this with me. The movement of my support network when I’m not looking has produced some of the biggest moments of growth and acts of love in my life.

Short and sweet? I was too busy feeling blessed and motivated to write. For once, a great reason to forget something.


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