What Dying Means

While playing a word game, a hint was given for a five letter word meaning “ceasing to be”. As I answered, I felt my mouth pull into a frown. The answer was dying. I immediately, wholeheartedly disagreed. 

I am dying. This is a reality that I live with every moment of every day. We all are, though. My knowing that it could be much sooner than expected doesn’t change the end result. But is death really the end of our existence? 

When I die, will I cease to be? 


I will still be present. I’ll be a song that comes on the radio that reminds someone of me. I’ll be a happy memory, or a sad one. I’ll be a presence in mind or a reminder. I’ll be in my loved ones hearts and their laughter and tears. 

Dying isn’t ceasing to be. It’s just a step from here to there. 


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