Letting It Out

Today, I exhaled.

We received some unexpected blessings that suddenly allowed us to step on solid ground instead of walking a tightrope like we have since November. My exhalation was for a breath I hadn’t really noticed I’d been holding until I let it out. Despite today being a very unfortunate pain day, my mood and my outlook are almost frightfully positive as the three of us take down every rock and boulder in our paths and find gemstones within.

I’ve been playing a little too much Zelda, if you’re wondering where that analogy came from.

Having things go well in our house, at least for me, usually means doubt starts to creep in and tries to take away any sense of relief or positive emotions. That horrible little voice I talk about so much is oddly quiet on this one. I know Pam’s own little voice will be doing plenty of talking, but that’s why the three of us work well together. One feels down, we work together to make it better. Especially Pam and I seem to do well when it comes to trading off our pessimistic moments and being able to be positive for each other even if we can’t find it for ourselves.

There is still a lot happening that requires work, focus, and a “no quitting” attitude. Only some of it scares me still. For the most part, though, I’m enjoying the feeling of being able to come up for air, shoreline well within reach.

I’ll see you all on the beach soon and, if you’re struggling with the tides yourself, don’t worry. We’ll make it to the shore together in no time.


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