Snow, Soup, and Songs

It’s April 6th, so naturally Michigan has to give this winter thing another try with one last good snowstorm. I keep looking outside and oscillating between admiring how pretty the snowfall looks and then remembering that it’s freakin’ April and this is ridiculous, Michigan. Oh well. In like a lion, out like an equally confused lion, I guess.

Yesterday was a rough day. There was some miscommunication between me, my doctor’s office, and my pharmacy, which left me without the medications I need for sleep and nerve pain management since Saturday. My sleep schedule, when not regulated by medication, is swapped. A condition known as Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder that is ridiculously common in those with Depression/Anxiety, EDS, and Dysautonomia. We could throw darts all day at which one causes it for me, but I’d most likely hurt myself or someone else because I’m so tired and whose idea was it to give the autonomically challenged, sleep challenged person darts anyways? For shame.

In all this feeling terrible from withdrawal, no sleep, and nerve pain, there’s been a silver lining. I’ve had time to really practice some good self care. I read an article today talking about the Danish practice of Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga”). It’s the Danish word for “happiness from being cozy and comfortable”. This is a self care style I could totally get behind. Blankets, soup, fuzzy robe, fuzzy slippers. Cat cuddles and snow falling gently outside.

Disconnecting is the tough part. It’s too tempting to top off the relaxation with video games (Zelda is on the TV as I’m writing, waiting for me to come back to it). The microwave has beeped at me no less than four times to remind me that I put soup in there, but I know if I step away from the blog post before it’s finished, I might forget I was writing it and never post it. The cats are going just a little crazy over the snow and general lack of contentment. Overall, it’s a good day to embrace a little comfort and let the hours slip by.



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