Excitement in Spades

Yesterday, I willingly and knowingly skipped blogging. I knew I was going to have an incredibly busy and taxing day, so I knew giving myself permission to not do a couple things would allow me to enjoy the day with minimal stress and symptoms.

That said, it was an incredibly eventful day, beyond even what I thought it would be.

I gained a shower chair that I put to use, allowing me to shower without someone being home for the first time in a considerable amount of time. The feeling of independence was so gratifying, I haven’t the words for it. Flying high from that, I got dressed and struck out into the world.

I had made the decision earlier in the week to attend Church in a Pub and help as much as I could, which meant a roughly hour and a half long bus excursion involving three busses, two transfers, and a decent amount of walking. I was a little nervous, but I made sure I’d hydrated well before leaving, dressed to account for any temperature craziness my body or lovely Michigan weather could throw my way, had all my maintenance/prevention medications on hand in case of any symptoms that need taming. In short, I was doing this right. The rest was up to fate.

Fate, it turns out, had a few curveballs to throw my way before I would arrive at church.

The most unpleasant was a woman making a terribly insensitive comment about my presence and the presence of multiple people of color around her. I responded as coolly as I could and managed to not only silence her, but make everyone within earshot laugh. Nothing major, I let it roll off my back.

The odd one, the middle event, was having to explain to a woman how standing downwind of a smoker while they smoke is why she is getting smoke in her face and, to rectify the situation, she could move upwind. She did not understand the concept of upwind/downwind, which I explained as patiently as I could.

The very first encounter of the day, though, and by far the best and most stunning to me. I climbed onto my first bus, bag settled beside me on the seat and a woman about my age looked over and noticed my lemon keychain. She looked at it a minute and laughed. Feeling sociable, I asked if she liked lemons.

“I just started reading a blog, lemons and spoons or something like that, and since I started reading, I’m seeing lemons everywhere.” she told me laughingly.

To say I was floored is an understatement. So shocked, in fact, that I did not say a word after that. She got off the bus a few minutes later and I scrambled to grab my phone and message Pam and Nikki on our group chat.

I hope you see this, even though I don’t know you’re name. I was too stunned to ask for it. I was too stunned to tell you it was my blog you were talking about, too overwhelmed to thank you for reading. You were an answer to a prayer I didn’t know I was praying. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything and I hope this blog helps you as much as it helps me.

Peace and love, Lemons and Spoonies! If you see this crazy blogger with the lemon keychain out and about, I’ll try to actually show my deep appreciation for your support and your time, but forgive me if I don’t. I might still be too shocked!


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