The Better Choices

Yesterday was the first grocery trip I took with my better health in mind. I steered away from my usual cravings of cookies and cakes, pizzas and hot dogs, and instead picked out veggies, fish, and healthier snack options. 

It was the saddest feeling, but I’d be lying if it didn’t feel pretty good to see all of the wonderfully healthy things piling up in the cart, knowing that I would feel better about myself and what I was eating with this lifestyle. Added to exercise that has kept me exhausted, but happy, and I have the makings for a much happier life with fewer symptoms and not so bad days.

We’re enjoying decent harmony in the Ampersand Household, despite the last week or so yielding some not fantastic developments that had us all feeling a little tense. We know that with patience and care, we’ll manage to figure it out without much pain or fussing.

The Cleveland Clinic trip is beginning to loom on my horizon. A full day of testing after a full 48 hours off all my medications and 12 hours of fasting and caffeine wouldn’t make anyone happy. Luckily, we will be able to stay the day before and the day after to avoid wearing me out too much.

Getting ready for school to begin has been an excellent distraction. The anxious walk to the mailbox has been both the bane and blessing of my days as I wait for the one last thing before I get my classes figured out and can dive into preparations with a clear goal in mind. 

Keep your heads up, even if things aren’t going very well. We’ll get through it together, okay?


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