We joke a lot with each other that we aren’t ready to be adults. Despite that, we seem to do a pretty good job of it. 

Coming out of the bedroom today, Nikki and Pam were in deep conversation over budget things, figuring out the best way to time out what bills get paid when and by which person. I settled in across the table with my breakfast and typed out a letter that needed to be sent to my enrollment Counselor for school and booked the hotel for the upcoming Cleveland Clinic trip.

Then we all set off to various appointments and I, for the first time since second grade, made an eye appointment. I can tell my vision has been changing and I’ve been putting off an appointment for quite some time. 

Hopefully, the rest of the day will be more fun and less work, but these days come with a sense of pride. Knowing we can get up and tackle a day full of tasks helps us feel accomplished. It’s easy to forget that doing these kinds of things is a form of self care. Make and go to the appointments, take care of the administrative tasks for school or our finances. It feels like work, but it’s a very basic form of making sure we’re taking care of ourselves. When framed like that, it feels a little less daunting and a little more like support, giving ourselves our best chance.


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