The Slow Descent 

Cleveland Clinic Round Two is fast approaching and already, I’m having to slowly work off of my medications. This means my pain, my sleep, my appetite, my depression, my moods, everything will decline as I drop each medication. The night before requires fasting and no caffeine, which will have my autonomic symptoms flaring in no time. All this in the name of tests that I probably won’t even know the results of until I go back again in September.

I’m doing everything I can to counter the impact this is having and going to have on me emotionally by making plans, staying as positive as possible, and reaching out into my support network for those who are always willing to help me. 

In the meantime, self care is going to become a sole focus. Making sure I’m giving myself my best chance is key to making it through the next couple weeks with sanity, relationships, and body intact. Blogging may become a little irregular, as it has been for the past week. I hope, however, to use it as a means of keeping myself grounded.

Peace and love to you all. I’ll have good news to share with you very soon.


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