I Have Succumbed to Madness

This week was the start of my being off my meds in preparation for the testing to come next week. This week also happened to hold our very first gathering for Dungeons and Dragons. 

Everyone had a spectacular time, but perhaps no one enjoyed it as much as I did. 

See, going off of 40mg daily of Paxil cold turkey has an interesting impact on people. For me, it means wildly moving between fantastically, over the moon happiness, crippling anxiety that leaves me breathless, intense and uncontainable fury, and crying for any, all, and no reason whatsoever. Combined with intense pain that cannot be addressed by anything strong enough to do any good?

I will consider myself incredibly lucky if I am not killed by Nikki or Pam before this is over.

In four days, we’ll also add sleep deprivation and unfettered nerve pain to the mix as I drop my remaining medications until after testing concludes on the 11th. 

So I will say again, if you hear very little from me over these next few days, I’m okay. I’m just losing my mind, that’s all.


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