My Mother

I’m back! I’ll tell you all about Cleveland Clinic, but first, something much more important.

Today is Mother’s Day, and that means I get a chance to tell you about the incredible woman that gave me life and improved the life she gave me with every breath she’s taken.

My mother is, by nature, a people person. She’s like me in that we are both introverts that are driven by a need and a passion for helping others to step forward when our minds tell us to shrink back. She was a counselor and adviser for a local community college and she still teaches, even though duty has called her to become more of a leader than she probably would have imagined she would become. Her heart constantly remains open, her patience weathered, but seemingly unending.

Her strength. My God, she is powerful. She isn’t a knock-down, drag out powerful. She is the eye of a hurricane, calm and constant, no matter how the storm around her rages. She has dared to seek happiness and she has managed to stand strong against grief and loss.

She views her body as something imperfect, something not beautiful. She struggles like I do to embrace her beauty. More than that, she is a beautiful soul that resides in a body that has tried to destroy her and she emerged victorious. She wears scars from her battle, but thinks nothing of them. She is a warrior, her body once the enemy, but never the victor. Her body, like her spirit, is humble, but mighty.

She is a sage to so many. A guide, a mentor, a dear friend. She is so many things.

But to me, she’s Mom. I’m just lucky enough to have that going for me.


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