The Social Posts Return!

Name: Jesse

Relationship: Basically my sister.

I think I figured out why you’re in pain all the time. It’s because you’re a giant trapped in a tiny body and that’s why you hurt all the time.”

What should readers know about you?” I’m pretty fucking awesome. I’m also a spoonie. (Pam: and just like me) And just like Pam…but with less boobs.”

What does your role in my support system look like? “I think I’m an emotional sounding board and…I know you for me that you’re another person that I can vent to that I don’t get sad dead puppy eyes over it. We can list all the little accomplishments and be excited about it.”

What should readers know about me? “What should readers know about you? *sigh* (gets distracted by cat, “you’re so purry…” Do you remember when you tried to make “Kitty” a thing? You’re really cool, except for when you try to give yourself nicknames, which is not cool. You’re really creative and even though you try to pretend you’re all thorny, you’re really not.”



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