If you have stumbled across this blog and are thinking “oh great, another foodie blog”, you’re wrong. Similarly, if you’ve found this and got excited about recipes and cooking, you will find this blog sorely lacking. Lemons and Spoons was born, like most things, from a few odds and ends of thoughts that finally settled into a need for a place to write, to vent, and to reach out and be heard. Maybe even offer someone else the chance to read another person’s thoughts and feelings and go “Oh my God, I found another one!” and feel a little less alone.

My name is Katie and I’m an approaching thirty unemployed Cancer. I’m married to a Leo and a chef who is obsessed with being a mermaid and proving me wrong and we live with a Taurus and a general people person who manages to hate people and life with a particular brand of peppy zest that makes me laugh and want to slap them simultaneously. Sprinkle in our four cats (spoiler alert: there be cat pictures in your future) and our overwhelmingly large and diverse community of friends and family and you pretty much have everything you need to know.

Well, all that and I’m not the healthiest person. With Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Terminal Autonomic Neuropathy, clinical depression, acute anxiety, and bad luck that would have you thinking I punched Murphy in the nads, I’ve been urged by more people than I can count to take to the internet and write.

Any second thoughts? Regrets? Questions? Yeah, me too. We’ll figure it out together.

But for now, welcome to Lemons and Spoons.