Cat Chat!

Today, dear readers, you get to meet our babies. We have four cats that add so much joy, laughter, and intense, burning anger into our lives and I’m so excited to share them with you. Cat Chat will be a post that comes up often, to tell particularly good cat stories, but for now, you’re just going to meet the cute little bastards.

First up is Jack!

Nicknames: Jack-jack, jackjackbaby, jackass, baby boy, buddy, and murder baby.

Look at his cute face!

Jack is my baby, and pretty specifically mine. He’s a very nervous cat, but let’s me cuddle him like a stuffed animal and demands cuddles from me every morning and night. His favorite thing in the world, other than me, is his teaser toy, which he gets rather insistent about when he thinks its time to play. This usually falls to Nikki, who thinks his chirping and demands are really cute (to be fair, they are), and she plays with him until we have to hide the toy so we can get some sleep. He’s also a murder baby. His anxiety turned towards the other cats, so he only gets along with one of the four now, despite living with two of the four almost his entire life. He was a rescue, being given away for free at our veterinarian’s office, and it was definitely love at first sight for both of us. That said, he’s one of the sweetest cats and I love him and our bond to the ends of the earth.


Up next is is Lacey!

Nicknames include Babycat, Babygirl, muffin, and little bitch.

She’s a tortoiseshell, which if you know anything about cats, you know that torties have something referred to as Tortietude. They’ve got sass and our Babygirl has sass by the ton. She’s tiny and fat and so mouthy. Her favorite word is no and her favorite activity is getting up on the kitchen counters and doing other things she’s not supposed to with absolute fearless abandon.

But how can we stay mad at that face!

She is our only cat that is not a rescue and the only cat we didn’t plan to get. Relatives of mine brought over kittens one of their outdoor cats had just given birth to so that my sister could take one home. Lacey was the only girl of the three, so while my sister chose her brother, Sam, and my grandma chose her other brother, Chumley, Lacey won my heart over instantly. Without telling Nikki, who at the time was only my fiance, I whisked her home to our apartment and dropped her on Nikki’s lap. Nikki instantly fell in love and now she is 100% Lacey’s mommy.

Cute and sassy, just like her Mommy.

The last of mine and Nikki’s fur babies is Kato!

Nicknames include: Potato, Dodo, Potato face, dumbass, Dodo brain, dumb Dodo.


Kato is…special. Another rescue, he was born in a barn and we found him with a yellow head because a cow had been sucking on it. He is completely deaf, which provides some challenges for us as cat parents. He is also incredibly smart and incredibly stupid. Almost all of our best and funniest Cat stories are provided by Kato. He is Nikki’s baby, but he also really likes Pam and has cuddle rituals deeply engrained into their day to day lives.

He is a pain in the ass because he is so smart. For example, we taught him a few signs so that we could tell him what we wanted from him and so that he could tell us what he needed. This means that, if he’s doing something he’s not supposed to be doing, we have to get his attention so he’s looking at us before we can tell him to knock it off. So he will pointedly ignore us. Or squint because he’s prepared to be squirted in the face with water, but continue to do whatever bad thing he’s doing.

He helped write this post, in fact, by very closely examining what I was typing as I was typing it and tapping the pictures as I loaded them in or scrolled past them. Very helpful.

He definitely wasn’t about to attack Jack. You’re crazy.

Finally, we have Pam’s cat, River!

Nicknames include: River Song (technically her full name), Ri-ver, Pumpkin, fatface, FAAAT, CAAAT, punkinhead, fatty.

See? Fat face. Cute face, though.

Of all the cats, Pam’s is the most normal cat. She has a couple odd behaviors, but for the most part, she’s the typical cat. She enjoys hunting and going outside when we put her on a leash or walk with her. She has a very cute kitten face and she makes goat noises when you pick her up. She likes cuddling and people, even though she doesn’t want you to know that and will deny it if you ask her. Her favorite thing to do, as we call it, is sausage.

She is the happiest sausage.

River technically wasn’t a rescue, as she was found on craigslist, but I’ll count it anyways. She’s the fattest kitten face and we love her being a part of our furry family, just like her Mom.

So there you have it! You have met our babies and reached the end of the very first Cat Chat post! I look forward to sharing with you all of our best and craziest cat stories and I hope they make you smile and laugh as much as they do for us.